Bagel & Lox Platter     $14.99
served with cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, olives and raw onion

Traditional Eggs Benedict     8.49
    poached eggs on english muffin with canadian bacon, topped with
hollandaise sauce served with home fries

Crab Benedict     $10.99
    fried crabcakes with two poached eggs & hollandaise, served with
home fries or fruit

Avocado Benedict     $10.99
    english muffin, sliced tomato, avocado and poached egg with hollandaise
sauce, served with fruit or home fries

Hot Oatmeal      $3.99
     with raisins    $4.19
     with fruit cup  $4.39
     with fresh strawberries   $4.99

Greek Yogurt     $6.99
    with blueberries, strawberries, drizzled with honey

Farm Fresh Eggs

Two Eggs “Any Style”        $4.99
 with canadian bacon         $7.29
with corned beef hash       $7.69
with turkey bacon              $7.29
with bacon, sausage, ham, pork roll    $6.99
or fried scrapple

Steak & Eggs     $19.99
any style

Creamed Chipped Beef    $7.59
served over toast and home fries


Western Omelette    $7.69
peppers, onions & ham

Cheese Omelette    $7.29
choice of american, swiss, mozzarella or cheddar cheese

Ham, Bacon or Sausage Omelette    $7.29

Pizza Omelette      $7.69

Feta Cheese Omelette     $7.69

Broccoli Omelette    $7.69

Galloway Signature Omelette    $7.69
bacon, mushroom & pepper

Spanish Omelette    $7.69
peppers, onions, mushrooms & salsa

 Veggie Lover’s Omelette    $7.69
peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli & tomato

 Greek Omelette    $8.99
spinach, feta cheese, onion & tomato

 Protein Omelette    $9.29
grilled chicken, spinach & egg whites

Egg White Guaca Omelette    $9.99
avocado, pepper, onions tomato and side of salsa

add american, swiss, cheddar or mozzarella                   $1.00 extra
add feta cheese                                                                         $1.29 extra
egg beaters or egg whites                                                       $1.19 extra
sub home fries with fruit                                                       $1.79 extra
sliced tomato can be substituted for home fries


Bacon                                      $3.99

 Sausage                                   $3.99

 Ham                                         $3.99

 Pork Roll                                 $3.99

 Fried Scrapple                      $3.99

 Canadian Bacon                  $4.29

 Turkey Bacon                       $4.29

Corned Beef Hash                  $4.99

 Creamed Chipped Beef           $4.59

 Home Fries                              $3.19

 Bagel                                         $2.49

 Bagel w Cream Cheese         $3.69

 Fruit Salad                              $3.99

 Fresh Strawberries              $4.99

From The Griddle

French Toast       $5.29
made with our thick sliced egg bread (3)

 Short Stack French Toast (2)    $4.49

 Belgian Waffle      $5.29
with fresh strawberries     $8.49

 Waffle Tropical    $8.99
sliced peaches, fresh strawberries, bananas & whipped cream

 Waffle Sundae   $8.49
(2) scoops of your favorite ice cream, chocolate syrup & whipped cream

Golden Sweet Potato Hotcakes (3)   $6.79

Short Stack Sweet Potato Hotcakes (2)    $5.49

Golden Brown Hotcakes (3)      $5.29

Short Stack Hotcakes (2)        $4.49

French Toast (3) or Hotcakes (3)      $9.79
Supreme Combo with (2) eggs, (2) slices of bacon & (1) sausage

Shortstack or French Toast (2)      $8.79
or Hotcakes (2) Supreme Combo  with (2) eggs,
(2) slices of bacon & (1) sausage

Breakfast Sandwiches

Jersey Classic Sandwich       $6.99
fried egg, american cheese & pork roll on a kaiser roll

Ham, Bacon, Pork Roll or     $6.29
Sausage & Cheese

Egg & Cheese     $5.29

Tex Mex Wrap    $8.99
scrambled eggs, ham, jalapeños, onion and cheddar

California Wrap   $9.99
avocado, scrambled eggs & cheese


ALL kids breakfasts are $4.99
includes milk, juice or hot chocolate, and
(2) bacon or (1) sausage

One Egg served with home fries and toast

Silver Dollar Pancakes or French Toast (1) Slice

One Hotcake & One Egg