Chopped Sirloin Steak   $13.99
angus beef served with onion rings

Prime Rib   $19.99
certified angus beef boneless choice rib
served with au jus

NY Sirloin Steak    $21.99
broiled angus beef served with fried onion rings

 BBQ Ribs    $17.99
slow cooked baby backs ribs smothered bbq
sauce served with sweet potato fries

Pork Chops   $16.99
(2) center cut pork chops broiled and served
with apple sauce

 Chicken Al Capone    $14.99
Sauteed w/ Sweet Italian Sausage and red peppers and
onions in a light marinara sauce

 Chicken Breast Florentine    $14.99
stuffed with spinach and feta topped with hollandaise sauce

Chicken Royale   $14.99
sauteed in butter lemon sauce with artichoke hearts
and roasted peppers

 Chicken Portabella     $14.99
sauteed with portabella mushrooms in a sherry wine
sauce with a touch of pesto and melted mozzarella cheese

 Chicken Marsala     $14.99
sauteed with mushrooms in a rich marsala wine sauce

 Chicken Francese    $14.99
egg washed and sauteed in a lemon white wine sauce

 Healthy Chicken      $14.99
sauteed fresh vegetables in olive oil and garlic topped
with grated cheese

 Galloway Chicken    $14.99
sauteed with broccoli in a light garlic sauce

 Chicken Kabob      $14.99
skewered chicken breast, onion, mushrooms cherry tomato,
broiled to perfection and
 served over rice


Penne or Linguini or Angel Hair
with tomato sauce 8.99
with meatballs or meat sauce 11.99
with red or white clam sauce 14.99

 Penne with Vodka Sauce    $11.99
with chicken 14.99
with shrimp 17.99

 Baked Lasagna    $12.99
our homemade meat lasagna, topped with melted
mozzarella cheese & our home 
made tomato sauce

Baked Ziti      $11.99
topped with mozzarella cheese

 Parmigiana     $14.99
hand-breaded, lightly sauteed in tomato sauce
topped with melted mozzarella cheese served with
linguini chicken
with eggplant    $13.29
chicken & eggplant   $14.99

 Fettuccine Alfredo 
rich white cream sauce   $12.99
with chicken   $14.99
with shrimp   $17.99


Fried Shrimp     $17.99
served with cocktail or tartar sauce

 Reef & Beef    $22.99
(3) stuffed or fried shrimp and NY sirloin steak

Broiled Seafood Combination   $20.99
shrimp, flounder, scallops and stuffed clam

 Fried Seafood Combination   $19.99 
shrimp, scallops, filet of flounder 
and crab cake

Shrimp Santorini  $17.99
an authentic greek entrée sautéed with tomato and
feta cheese in a white
 wine sauce

egg washed and sautéed in lemon white wine sauce

 FISH & CHIPS   $11.99
battered cod fried served with french fries

Filet of Flounder
broiled in butter sauce     $14.99
fried with tartar sauce       $14.99
stuffed with crab meat medley    $16.99
stuffed florentine   $16.99

 Broiled Scrod   $14.99
in butter lemon sauce

 Sea Scallops    $21.99
broiled to perfection & served with butter

 Salmon    $16.99
broiled & served with lemon butter sauce

 Seafood Fra Diavlo  $19.99
shrimp, scallops, mussels, calamari and clams
in red sauce (mild or hot)

 Shrimp Scamp  $17.99
sautéed in garlic sauce

 Shrimp and Chicken Stir Fry     $17.99
sautéed with oriental vegetables in a teriyaki sauce


Pot Roast   $14.99
topped with homemade stew gravy  and served
with potato pancakes

 Baked Meatloaf   $13.99
homemade, served with brown gravy

 Pan-Fried Baby Beef Liver    $13.99
served with onions add bacon $1.79

 Roast Turkey    $13.99 
served with cranberry sauce stuffing and gravy

Roast Top Sirloin of Beef    $13.99
served with au jus

Roast Half Chicken   $13.99
with stuffing and gravy

Roast Loin of Pork  $14.99
served with stuffing and gravy

Fried Chicken in the Basket  $16.99
served with french fries